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Adm. Dir. Finn TolpinrudCEO – Finn Helge Tolpinrud

Finn has held position as CEO in well-known companies in telecommunications, as Telenor, Alcatel, Vizada and Econet.  Finn has also been responsible for major consulting assignments within the industry of satellite- and telecommunication. He is regarded as an experienced and professional engineer, with both wide and long experience within sales and management, in the market of IT and telecommunication.

Work ethic that would characterize Finn, would be his strong integrity, honesty, openness and loyalty. He is keen to achieve results, analytical and skilled at reading trends and general concepts within the industry.

During the last 15 years, Finn has also held several positions as board member both domestic and abroad, in Norway, South-Africa, Zimbabwe and USA. Finn has operated independent as a self-employee in recent years.

Finn`s personal characteristics combined with his expertise and experience, has given him an advantage in identifying and developing both new products and markets.