Cheaper international calling from mobile


1. How to Top up/Buy credits:

Open callFrodo Go to “More” in top bar Enter “Top up/buy credits” Enter “Top up/buy credits” in next picture You will be directly linked to GooglePlay/AppStore and follow instructions  

2. How to Share callFrodo and make FREE video calls, sms, calls and attachments:

If your friends download callFrodo, you can make FREE videocalls, calls, sms and attachments as pictures, videoes, GPS location etc… Open callFrodo Go to “More” in top bar Enter ”Share callFrodo” Choose SMS (the first) Select  your friends and Send

3. International rates

Click here to search by prefix or country code.

4. Why download callFrodo?

First and foremost – this is an awesome and free application! When you use callFrodo, your calls and SMS to other users of callFrodo are totally free of charge. The sound quality is excellent. callFrodo does not require that you change SIM-card or operator. … Continue reading

5. Why have I received an access code?

When you downloaded callFrodo, we send an access code needed to activate callFrodo. This code confirms that you are the real owner of the mobile phone, as a precaution to prevent abuse.

6. What does it cost to use callFrodo?

It is free to download and install. If you call other users that have callFrodo – it is always free if you place your call via WiFi or 3G, no hidden fees at all! If you call someone who doesn’t use callFrodo, we … Continue reading

7. What is WiFi and how can I use it?

WiFi / wireless internet are different names for the same thing. Today, we have technology that makes it possible to transfer great amount of data traffic through the air, and this is what WiFi does! Access to WiFi is more … Continue reading

8. How do I connect my phone to WiFi?

Mobile phones connect to WiFi through the same procedure as a PC. The mobile phone will search all available networks, and you decide which one to connect to. When you store this network, the phone will recognize and connect automatically … Continue reading

9. Installation error message, my phone does not support callFrodo

There are a wide range of mobile phones and operation systems that will support callFrodo. Please look to our list to check if your phone or/and operating system are supported. New phones are released as we speak, and we will try … Continue reading

10. Will other prices apply if I call from another country than Norway?

No, the prices are the same regardless of which country you call from.

11. Why is there a green, grey or a half green/grey light next to the names of my contacts?

 Green says that your contact is connected to internet either using WiFi or 3G. You can make a call to this contact for free. Grey says that your contact is not connected to WiFi or 3G. You can call, but … Continue reading

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Did you know...

That you can send pictures and videos to other users of callFrodo™?


callFrodo™ has an official Facebook page. Here you can read news and look for information, and which one of your friends that do “like” callFrodo™.


Did you know...

that you can find open and free Wireless Networks all around the world? Be sure to check if you are travelling!


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